Improving your access to our GP Practices

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We’re making some changes so it’s easier for you to reach us when you need us. Very soon you will be able to seek medical advice, appointments, or administrative help by using a simple form on our website.

Our receptionists will still be on hand to take phone calls from patients who don’t have access to the internet. Our team will aim to respond to your request on the same working day, and can text you advice, a prescription or a future appointment.


Why can’t I just call to book an appointment?

The old system of waiting in phone queue at 8am wasn’t fair for many patients and caused a lot of frustration. This system makes it easier for everyone to be able to get advice or an appointment without needing to queue. Feedback from other patients is that most greatly prefer the new system.

Can I still phone the surgery?

Yes, of course. Our receptionists will ask you some questions about your issue and will fill in the form on your behalf. You’ll usually be contacted the same day with advice, or details of a future appointment. If you’re able to use the internet, however, we strongly encourage you to use the form on our website or NHS App. This keeps our telephone lines free for our most vulnerable patients.

Why are you going to stop using other means of access?

From August you will be able to ask for our help or advice using a simple form on our website or within the NHS App. We are changing to this system following patient feedback and to improve safety and fair access.

We continually evaluate our services to try and provide the best care for our patients. Please send your feedback via website contact form.