Push Doctor Video Consultations

We currently have 3 slots available each evening Monday – Friday for Video Consultations with a GP. These are after our closure each day (6.30pm) and are aimed at patients that may not be able to take time out from their daily routine to visit a GP in house. If you would like to book one of these appointments then please contact the practice as normal and request a Push Doctor appointment. You will then be sent a link to your mobile device and can then book the appointment.

Please be aware that these Video Consultations are recorded. You will be asked for your consent for this to happen when it comes time for your appointment. If you consent then the appointment will go ahead as planned, however if you decline then the appointment will be cancelled. The reason that they record these consultations is for Governance and Training purposes, that is the only reason. Push Doctor are the data controller and this is covered in the DPIA (data protection impact assessment) that we have with them to ensure that your data is handled properly and appropriately at all times.

Please utilise this opportunity to discuss your medical needs with a GP that fits your busy schedules. Please remember though this is in addition to normal appointments that we offer therefore there are only 3 appointments per day, they are not your usual GP. However your notes are updated after the consultation has finished.