Coming soon, a new appointment system at Budshead Medical Practice.

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The new system is designed to ensure that you have the right consultation with (or support from) the appropriate healthcare professional in the most efficient way and to make it easier for you to contact us.  

Why are we making this change?

The UK is experiencing a shortage of GPs and Healthcare Staff. Plymouth is one of the worst affected cities. This practice continues to lose a considerable amount of clinical staff time every day due to people failing to attend booked appointments. Patients are also requesting GP appointments when members of the wider team can deal with their problem or query. This change will make better use of GPs very limited time and will make life easier for you and hopefully allow better availability. 

Many of the calls we receive could be dealt with better so we need this system to help us, to help you, to get the help you need. More information on dates and implementation will be sent out shortly. Please see the first video below on how this system works.